We are a teaming company that believes we are all better when we are working together.

We provide evidence-based solutions, using leading indicators
to support organisational outcomes.

We collaborate rather than consult. We believe that through a meaningful, two-way partnership, active learning and growth is a certainty.

Our focus in on building long-term relationships by aligning our proven and award-winning expertise to your specific challenges. Together, we’ll learn deeply and solve problems creatively. We embed our knowledge in your organisation, giving you the future internal capability to drive your own change.

Research and Implementation Specialists

POB is an unique team of Research and Implementation (RI) specialists that partner with forward thinking businesses to solve people challenges. Everything we do is founded on rigorous research and leads to scalable implementations that deliver a valuable ROI. Our collaborative, action-learning-action-research approach enables organisations to develop knowledge and skills that build long-term capability.

Research Partnerships

If your organisation is committed to creating sustainable pockets of brilliance, our two-year Research Partnerships are the optimal solution. Reviewable every three months, this phased approach enables you to build internal capability that will achieve a sustainable organisational shift.
This offers forward thinking organisations a powerful opportunity to be part of our leading research that’s changing the way organisations address culture, change, performance and engagement. To find out more about our innovative Research Partnerships, contact us.

We partner with private and public organisations of all sizes across a broad range of industries.

About Us

We’re a tribe of Strategic HR Specialists, Psychologists and Executive Coaches who are united by a passion for how social dynamics can transform business results. We combine cutting-edge research, powerful analytics and neuroscience to help organisations create environments where teams become pockets of brilliance.

What we are Reading

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APS Workplace Excellence Awards


AHRI Awards
2016 and 2017