It’s so important to know where you’re heading, and why.

Where we are heading

We’re changing what’s possible in the workplace. We create award-winning people solutions that visibly and tangibly enhance the lives and workplaces of those we partner with. We inspire people to pursue their brilliant best, as individuals and as members of a team. Pockets of Brilliance is a social entrepreneurial business that exists to do genuine good in the world.

Why we are heading there

We are deeply passionate about creating pockets of brilliance in the workplace where people can manifest the highest version of themselves.

Life isn’t simple. That’s why we operate to a set of paradoxes.

Paradox 1: Humble Sureness

Humility is the non-judgmental ability to accept people, situations and ourselves, in both their brilliance and their shadow. This acceptance gives us space to develop sureness – a state of mind that’s free from doubt. Our sureness shines through in our unwavering resolve to do what needs to be done to produce the best results, no matter how difficult.

Paradox 2: Seriously Fun

The dictionary definition of ‘serious’ is ‘demanding or characterised by careful consideration, requiring deep reflection’. This is exactly how we view our work. But we are serious about having fun while we do it. In fact, if our work stops being fun, then we stop doing it.

Paradox 3: Joyfully Stoic

The Stoic Philosophers taught that the path to inner calm could be achieved by transforming our emotional responses. Emotions are instinctive human reactions, but they can also be controlled by our thoughts. We become free when we can create distance between our emotions and our response. This freedom gives us a rare joy.

Paradox 4: Ridiculously Clever

In Latin, ridiculous meant absurd, unbelievable, unreasonable, incongruous, or not the norm. We value cleverness that is unreasonable, incongruous and not the norm. We value cleverness that is unbelievably effective in enhancing the human condition. Above all, we value cleverness that enhances the individual, the tribe and the organisation.

Paradox 5: Casually Hardworking

We consistently work hard to be brilliant, but we’re casual about that brilliance when we achieve it. We strive to show how the impossible can be accomplished every day. We’re curious, focused and we work hard to deliver real outcomes for our partners. But we’re casually ourselves and we won’t be constrained by the corporate norm.

About Us

We’re a tribe of Strategic HR Specialists, Psychologists and Executive Coaches who are united by a passion for how social dynamics can transform business results. We combine cutting-edge research, powerful analytics and neuroscience to help organisations create environments where teams become pockets of brilliance.

What we are Reading

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