POB is an unique team of Research and Implementation (RI) specialists who partner with forward thinking businesses to solve people challenges. Everything we do is founded on rigorous research and leads to scalable implementations that deliver a valuable ROI. Our collaborative, action-learning-action-research approach enables organisations to develop knowledge and skills that build long-term capability.

POB specialises in evidence-based solutions across three pockets: Teaming, Safety and Wisdom-Transfer. The proven results of our Teaming and Safety innovations are award-winning, and our work in Wisdom Transfer is ground-breaking.

POB was founded in 2009 by Dr. Sarah Colley and Jonathan Lincolne, both registered Psychologists. After establishing and growing a successful multi-national safety consultancy, judged one of BRW’s fastest growing Australian companies, they created POB to grow their RI approach to enable closer partnering with select clients to collaborate on real challenges. Sarah and Jonathan have a combined 35-years experience in developing and delivering innovative people solutions across the globe, from New Zealand to the Arctic. They have worked with organisations across all major sectors, and with people at all levels from CEOs to frontline staff. The POB Tribe’s combined experience gives them a unique, global business perspective. Based in Brisbane, POB works with leading organisations globally.

Our Purpose

We are deeply passionate about creating pockets of brilliance in the workplace where people can manifest the highest version of themselves.
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“Pockets of Brilliance have been pivotal in providing a safe and fun learning environment, to challenge our team to think of ourselves as a tribe with different strengths, who share a common purpose and who work together towards a common goal. One of the more meaningful and genuine courses I have had the privileged of attending”

“We identified a need for a front-line team leader program which focused on developing specific capabilities around leading team development and mentoring. We approached 12 consultancies for expressions of interest, We chose Pockets of Brilliance as we felt they were good value for money as well as being innovative in their design and delivery. The outcome for participants had had a significant shift in levels of confidence to enact positive change behaviours in leading teams. Participants are telling us it is the best learning programs they’ve attended”

“I would highly recommend the team at Pockets of Brilliance for their energy, knowledge and engagement with our organisation. Their collaborative approach is also underpinned by validated teaming tools and approaches to leading self, leading others and leading change.”

“The team at Pockets of Brilliance bring an amazing mix of charismatic energy and extensive experience to the leadership and teaming table. Previso have developed a highly engaging teaming and leadership process that reaches far beyond the usual classroom theory and into the very heart of the practical challenges of leading people in the modern workplace.”

“If someone asked me to sum the Pockets of Brilliance team up in one word I couldn’t because it wouldn’t do them justice. From the time I met the team they have been more than just contractors or consultants, but partners to our business, but more importantly to myself. From strong engagement skills to brilliant collaboration techniques, POB have been able to clearly and easily understand the intent and needs of our organization, and with unwavering enthusiasm, delivered a product and service beyond expectation. The POB team are world class leaders in the development and delivery of leadership programs and coaching; moreover mentors of unparalleled qualities. I am a better person for knowing them, and proud to have them as a professional partners in business”

“A key to team improvement is consistent small steps and being able to sustain the improvement. The way POB obtain and use the pulse check is easy, functional, transparent and enables our team to know real time what the feel is and if we trending up down or sideways. This real time picture provides the opportunity for team to explore how they are feeling at the time they are feeling it. Simple but hard to achieve. Thank you POB.”

“An excellent experience for our team. Pockets of Brilliance facilitated discussions amongst the team that focussed on how the team is currently functioning and implemented ways we can improve as a team and individuals. They have taken this team on a journey from ‘good to great’. Highly recommended.”

Dr Sarah Colley, Managing Director

Sarah is a nationally registered Psychologist who leads our Research and Implementation (RI) team. She is responsible for creating our award-winning teaming approach. She has 15-years experience designing, developing and delivering innovative psychologically based development processes that result in sustained organisational change. Sarah is responsible for establishing long-term, collaborative partnerships with our clients and key industry leaders. Published in the areas of safety, lead indicators and cultural values, Sarah is at the cutting edge of innovative applied research.

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Sarah’s implicit understanding of intra-personal and adult development allows her to bring people and teams together across all levels in a positive and meaningful way. She is a highly engaging facilitator and coach and has partnered with leading organisations in all major industry sectors. She has delivered hundreds of development processes across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, The United States, Europe and Asia.

“It’s the ripple affect of the change we create that excites me. I feel privileged to partner with so many motivated and engaged people who are committed to solving people challenges in innovative ways.”

  • PhD in Organisational Psychology
  • Masters in Organisational Psychology
  • Bachelor of Psychological Sciences (First Class Hons)
  • Accredited Professional Coach Training
  • Certificate in Ontological Coaching
  • Supervisor Training and Accreditation (STAP) Certificate (Psychology)
  • Certificate in Narrative Therapy
  • Certificate in Design Thinking

Jonathan Lincolne, Director

Jonathan is a registered Psychologist, with more than 20 years’ experience in developing and delivering people solutions. Prior to co-founding POB, Jonathan established a multi-national safety-company, judged by BRW as one of Australia’s fastest growing companies, and one of the best places to work. At POB, Jonathan ensures our tailored programs are designed from rigorous research and delivered to a world-class standard. Jonathan is a highly experienced and incredibly engaging facilitator, coach and public speaker.

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Jonathan’s key skills include an ability to create learning environments that foster authentic conversations, and an ability to simplify the most complex topics into models, metaphors and processes that enable learning. He has a deep understanding of human psychology and how it affects the workplace, and uses his knowledge to enhance the human experience at work. He’s worked with major multi-nationals in over a dozen countries and with people across all organisational levels.

“My overall aspiration is to connect with people who want to transform themselves, their team and their organisation into a pocket of brilliance – a place where people thrive and grow.”

  • Masters in Clinical Psychology
  • Certificate in Design Thinking
  • Certified Master Coach
  • SCRUM Master
  • The Leadership Circle
  • Certified TRP Trainer
  • Cert IV Training & Assessment

Laura Graham, Manager Systems & Implementation

Laura is a nationally registered Psychologist who specialises in research and evaluation, questionnaire and survey design, and policy and product development. At POB, Laura uses her technological skills to develop and implement valid, reliable assessment tools as she leads our survey and assessment platform. As a facilitator, she has an innate ability to understand multiple people’s perspectives, and is adept at bringing disparate views in small groups together to create cohesion and a positive way forward.

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Laura is an expert at mapping and integrating complex systems into simple processes. She sees the bigger picture in any innovation. Her thorough consideration of all the touch points and process layers ensures that POB’s programs and tools can be implemented cohesively and successfully on a wide scale.

“I’m passionate about using my experience to help transform work environments into places that people really love to be a part of. At POB, we enable people to become the most brilliant version of themselves.”

  • Masters in Organisational Psychology
  • Bachelor of Psychological Science (Hons)

Michelle Oberg, Manager, Safety Research & Partnerships

Michelle is currently completing a PhD in Safety Science in which she’s conducting revolutionary research into adaptive safety. At Pockets of Brilliance, she balances her scientific qualifications with her practitioner skills, embedding proof-of-concept research designs and solutions with our partners. Michelle is responsible for our safety research design and implementation, and also our safety system design and testing. She is an original and innovative thinker who constantly challenges conventional approaches.

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Michelle thrives on the challenge of finding solutions to a new problem and is highly capable of identifying hidden links within factual evidence or data. She builds collaborative partnerships with forward-thinking organisations that view the issue of safety as more than just ticking a box. She is passionate about using the knowledge of today to create a better future.

“At Pockets of Brilliance, I work with a group of brilliant people who share my belief and passion for providing real-world solutions to real-world problems.”

  • PhD Candidate in Organisational Psychology, Safety Science
  • Bachelor of Psychological Science

Adam Carter, CFO

Adam is a multi-skilled leader, who provides operational and strategic support to our POB tribe. He brings more than 20 years’ senior management experience in Finance, Auditing, Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Compliance. As our CFO, he is committed to enhancing our internal business processes and systems to improve our performance – both internally and to our clients. His energy and naturally curious nature constantly challenges us to apply innovation and creativity to every task.

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Adam links his skills in governance, strategy and performance management to provide a clear direction for our clients on planning and budgeting. His goal is to help clients improve efficiency and ensure they are compliant. Always generous with his advice, Adam forms close connections with our clients and is able to relate to people at all levels.

“I love the energy and passion of our POB tribe who all want to make a difference and add value to our clients’ businesses.”

  • Bachelor of Business/Commerce
  • Member of Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • Member of Governance Institute of Australia
  • Member of Australian Institute of Management

About Us

We’re a tribe of Strategic HR Specialists, Psychologists and Executive Coaches who are united by a passion for how social dynamics can transform business results. We combine cutting-edge research, powerful analytics and neuroscience to help organisations create environments where teams become pockets of brilliance.

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