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Currently working as a Human Resources, Teaming or Leadership Specialist? Deliver real performance improvement to your organisation or clients through a scientifically validated team performance diagnostic. Contact us today to register at the early bird rate for our Melbourne accreditation from 9-11 August 2016.

Aligned to the latest social cognitive neuroscience and supported by 25 years of research, PreViso’s Team Climate Assessment is leading edge and accreditation will help you support your organisation or clients in becoming more agile, relevant and competitive in their marketplace.

Climate Change for Teams is a proven team dignostic and developmental process designed specifically to elevate the performance of teams. Accreditation will give you access to suite of tools and the skills you need to accelerate the growth of teams, equipping them to thrive in today’s complex and challenging work environment.

With a passion for teaming and organisation performance, PreViso’s accredited practitioners are consultants, coaches and HR professionals who don’t just work as individuals with their organisation or clients but who also come together as a community, sharing their experiences and learnings to lead the way in changing the conversation around organisational performance and results.

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Contact us via Email or phone Leigh on 0403 497 906