The climate assessment tool, online dashboard and training is designed for teams with a desire to set up a healthy high performing team climate and to significantly improve the overall performance of their teams. Unlike other tools that measure individuals and then aggregate the scores for a team measure, this assessment measures the team as a whole and provides actionable insight into how the team can collectively maximise their potential. The Climate Change for Teams® uses the latest neuroscience to accurately assess team climate and embed behaviours that drive the desired outcome.

In conjunction with expert training and development, the assessment provides a foundational teaming mindset and shared language. This allows businesses to manage the dynamic of fluid forming and reforming of groups in a multi-teaming environment.  We also support businesses to build their own internal coaching and delivery options that allow for integration and long-term embedding of the model.

The assessment was developed through a rigorous research process undertaken by psychologists and neuroscientists, and has been statistically linked to high team performance, high team satisfaction and low turnover.

The assessment is based on over 25 years of research into the socio-cognitive needs that underpin performance and over 35 years’ research into climate and its role in organisations.  The assessment and debrief is administered by accredited Team Climate Practitioners.

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