PreViso is a technology based Human Dynamics company which focuses on assessing Team Climate as a lead indicator of team performance and providing insight into how to create a team climate that is ‘just right’ for high performing teams. The name PreViso comes from a manipulation of the Latin words that essentially mean Leading Insights.

Initially operating as a joint venture to consolidate 25 years of neuroscience, psychology, leadership and performance research into a validated tool for diagnosing team performance, robust results and market interest lead to the spin out of the Team Climate Assessment under the PreViso brand.

PreViso is made up of Strategic HR Specialists, Business Leaders, Psychologists and Executive Coaches who are thought leaders and experts in a range of areas including Teaming, Organization Performance, Neuroscience, Organizational Change, Leadership and Organizational Development.

Our team has over 120-years of collective wisdom gained from working in and with successful organizations around the world – both large and small. Our skill is in utilizing data to improve team performance and help clients become more agile, relevant and competitive in the market place.

We pride ourselves on our ability align ourselves with your organization, and work with you to embed our knowledge in your businesses to build internal organizational capability to empower you to continue to improve team and organizational performance independently. To get in touch with our team to see how we can help you drive results through high performing teams email or phone Leigh on 0403 497 906.