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"This is a great watch. It is extremely durable the fire starter works great. The compass is almost perfect. My wife is an EMT and she loves this watch. It has everything she need in a watch plus a lot of extras. We also hunt and that watch has come in handy to keep her from becoming lost."

Peter R.

"I have a ton of watches, but this one really interested me. With all the survival stuff on it this one stands out. As always, read the reviews and they were all great."

Arvin O.

"I purchased this watch for my husband who is obsessed with keeping time, clocks, watches, etc. He really likes the design and the look of the watch. It is nice looking enough to wear to professional or even dressy events depending on your style. He likes all the different gadgets, like a multi tool watch. He was very surprised that a watch could have so many different useful features and yet be compact and still have a good looking appearance. This was a great gift."

Jennifer S.

"This watch is amazing! My son thinks this is great... it was one of his birthday presents and he takes it on all of his hikes. Very clever and useful gift for the mountain person or adventure hiker."

Chuck T.

Best Survival Tool You Should Have 

Get the protection you deserve, with you, everywhere.

The challenge of designing this watch was to pack it with all your survival outdoor needs which will be a great item to bring with you in any outdoor situation.

Not only is it great for hunting, fishing, hiking, kayaking, military, camping, exploring etc... but its brand new design offers an aesthetically pleasing look for everyday use with a changeable battery meeting your needs. It can also be used in first aid applications.

Can your watch keep you alive in an emergency situation? The Multi-Functional Paracord Survival Watch is the last wristwatch you'll ever need. 

All Fuctions come together to tell you are Not alone!

In each paracord survival watch you could find:

Scraper - It can be used as emergency knife. Cut off paracord to dry wet garments.

Emergency Whistle - You can use it to signal rescuers.

Compass - Directional assistance, to ensure you don't get lost in the wild.

Parachute cord - Essential for tying down and securing camping equipment or gear.It could easily lift a man or item.

Watch - Guide your time.

Simple & Easy to Use

✅ Water-resistant design that lasts up to 50 meters-deep in all fresh and salt water bodies.

✅ The watch strap is made of durable 550 paracord rope that can be unraveled into a 3 meters-long rescue rope for emergency situations involving potential drownings or slips off rock cliffs. It's even useful for emergencies in your back-yard pool.

✅ Emergency, Extra-Loud Treble whistle to signal rescuers or alert others of your presence.

✅ Certified compass that works at all times... so you won't lose your way outdoors if you get lost or just want to do hiking the "old-fashioned" way... so you can leave your dreaded cellphone at home and enjoy a natural forest bathe.

✅ Uses an energy-efficient watch battery that is both long-lasting and durable.

✅ The outdoor thermometer can remind you to observe the climate when camping... so you don't get hypothermia or wake up in the middle of the night freezing.

Water Resistant

Emergency Whistle

Multi-functional Paracord

Every Day Carry Survival Gear


100% Money Back Guarantee

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100% Money Back Guarantee


Multi-functional Paracord Survival Watch



100% Money Back Guarantee

30-Day Warranty

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 Is the "Multi-Functional Paracord Survival Watch" waterproof?

 It's water proof when swimming or car washing, but operating the buttons in the water will cause damage to the electric functions of the watch. The watch can't be used in scuba diving, hot water or sauna baths. 

 How do you adjust the strap?

There is an adjustable piece of velcro woven inside the paracord bracelet that can be loosened or adjusted as needed.

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[NOTICE]: Don't be worried about the Coronavirus as we are still shipping orders and orders are being delivered.

Due to high demand, please check availability of stock.

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